Winter should pay more attention to the maintenance of jaw crusher

The bell of the New Year is about to ring, and also entered the cold winter. We all have some measures to keep warm in winter, and the machines we use are no exception. Some users report that in winter, the jaw crusher will not start normally, or even the crusher parts will appear to be broken.

The reason for this is that the various parts of the jaw crusher are made of steel, and at lower temperatures, the toughness of the steel is greatly reduced, making it prone to fracture. Moreover, the jaw crusher works with hard rocks, which can easily cause damage to the jaw crusher parts. Therefore, it is important to maintain the jaw crusher parts.

The significant drop in temperature in winter directly affects the lubricating ability of the jaw crusher parts and affects the bearings First of all, it is necessary to insulate the oil tank, which can add a special insulation layer to the outer layer of the oil tank; in order to ensure a good lubricating environment for the bearings, it is necessary to add oil to the bearings once a shift and to check the oil duct pipe frequently and clean it in time.

Then, it is necessary to pay attention to the bearing oiling. The main shaft of the jaw crusher is a sliding bearing, and the transmission part is a rolling bearing. 50# of mechanical oil should be added to the main shaft oil channel pipe, preferably once every shift. As for the bearings of the analyzer, control the cleaning once in 6 months, and clean the fan bearing chamber by adding lithium grease.

At the end of the year, you should not ignore the maintenance of the jaw crusher, and the cold weather should pay more attention to the maintenance of the jaw crusher in order not to affect normal operation. Secondly, when buying jaw crusher parts, let the manufacturer design suitable equipment for weather and working conditions, etc., so that the stone production line can work normally and improve efficiency.


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