The quality of wear-resistant parts determines the production efficiency of sand making machine

Sand making machine is a kind of special machinery for producing sand and stone for construction, which is widely used in various ores, cement, refractory materials, and other industries.

Sand making machines and other machinery and equipment in the process of crushing materials, mainly rely on wear-resistant parts and materials straight junction impact friction, sand making machine parts wear to a certain extent and must be replaced. Therefore, the investment in wear parts of crushing equipment is also a considerable cost. And the replacement of wear parts may affect the operation of the whole sand production line, seriously affecting the production efficiency.

If this is the case for a long time, it will largely affect the operation cost and economic efficiency of customers. Therefore, the quality of sand making equipment wear parts is the main factor affecting the production efficiency.

Sand making machine plate hammer is an important accessory of sand making machine equipment, it is also the most common sand making machine wear parts. So it is said that a high-quality sand making machine plate hammer can not only prolong the use time of wearing parts but also improve the production efficiency and reduce the loss.

So how can we reduce the wear of sand making machine plate hammer?

First of all, when the product processing capacity increases, the product particle size will become coarser accordingly, then the crushing ratio of the machine will also drop, and the more the wear of the plate hammer will. Therefore, changing the size of the discharge gap can change the coarseness of the product size to some extent, so it has a certain influence on the wear of the plate hammer.

Secondly, the material to be crushed also has a great influence on the wear of the plate hammer. For example, the hardness of the material, the size of the feed size and water content, etc. Therefore, the crushing of different materials to choose different sand making machine equipment.

Finally, the impact of line speed. The size of the linear speed directly affects the size of the impact energy exerted by the plate hammer on the material and the size of the crushing ratio. The larger the line speed, the more serious the wear of the plate hammer.

We suggest that users, in the purchase of sand making machine plate hammer, must choose a professional manufacturer, according to their own working conditions, tailored to the most suitable products. You can’t just pursue the low price, otherwise, you may encounter trouble.

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