The material and working principle of hammer crusher liner

The structure of hammer crusher is relatively simple, in which we commonly hammer crusher spare parts is the crusher hammer head, in addition to the hammer head we look at the hammer crusher and what are the main accessories? Hammer crusher mainly includes several simple parts such as housing, rotor, hammer head, liner plate and strike plate, etc. Today we mainly talk about the material and working principle of hammer crusher liner plate.

The crusher liner is mainly installed inside the housing, forming a certain gap between the core parts of the crusher. In the process of crushing the material, the material is crushed by the impact and squeeze between the hammer head and the liner plate.

The main materials of crusher liners in the market include medium carbon chromium, high manganese steel, heat resistant steel, high chromium cast iron, and different materials are used according to the role of different machines.

Now many crushers are using Hunan Xiangjian machinery production of efficient wear-resistant new high manganese steel liner plate, after casting are special treatment, more enhanced its wear resistance and impact resistance. As long as the staff in the correct operation of the liner plate wear is generally not too serious, compared with other brands of liner plate, our production of hammer crusher liner plate service life and cycle will be much longer than the same period, so users can rest assured that the use of our production of crusher liner plate.

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