The correct installation procedure of the jaw crusher elbow plate

The elbow plate is a precisely calculated cast iron part. It is not only a force transmission member but also an insurance part of the crusher. When the crusher falls into the material that cannot be crushed and makes the machine exceed the usual load, the elbow plate will break immediately and the crusher will stop working, thus avoiding damage to the whole machine.

The jaw crusher elbow plate is both an insurance part and a wearing part, when the elbow plate is worn and broken, it should be replaced immediately, the following is a brief summary of the installation steps of the jaw crusher elbow plate.


First, the installation of the jaw crusher elbow plate is to loosen the tension rod spring nut and then remove the spring.

Secondly, the lower part of the jaw is bolted with a chain and a steel wire.

Third, use the professional installation tool, a hand hoist, to pull the wireline, so that the moving jaw is close to the fixed plate, then the elbow plate will automatically fall down.

Fourth, after the old elbow plate is removed, the new elbow plate is pulled into the elbow plate holder with the wire.

Fifth, then, relax the hand hoist to make the elbow plate and elbow plate holder in close contact.

Sixth, finally, install the pull rod and spring to support the elbow plate in the elbow plate holder, and then the hand hoist can be removed.


The correct installation of the elbow plate and other accessories can reduce the impact of improper installation on the normal work of the crushing equipment, saving the time of jaw crusher downtime, thus improving work productivity.


When installing crusher accessories, a professional technician must operate or guide, welcome to consult more professional aspects and order super wear-resistant products.

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