The causes and solutions of jaw crusher liner fracture

The surface of the jaw crusher liner is generally made of teeth, and the teeth are arranged in such a way that the peaks and valleys of the movable plate and the fixed plate are opposite to each other.


In addition to the crushing effect on the ore, there is also a splitting and breaking effect, which is beneficial to crushing the ore, but it is also easy to wear and must be replaced within a certain period, otherwise, it will reduce the efficiency of the equipment, increase the load on the machine and reduce the output. Sometimes there is a fracture, the following briefly summarizes the six main reasons for the fracture of the jaw crusher liner.


1. the forging process of the moving jaw is not up to standard during production, and there are many defects in the moving jaw such as porosity, so it will fracture and break after a period of time.

2. When the jaw crusher enters the unbreakable object, the impact pressure of the equipment increases, and the elbow plate does not carry out the function of self-breaking maintenance but transmits the strong impulse to the moving jaw.

3. The movable jaw is displaced during the operation, and the bottom of the movable jaw collides with the frame guard plate and other parts, which causes the movable jaw to break.

4. The tension rod spring drops out and the pressure of the moving jaw increases.

5. The interval between movable jaw and fixed jaw determines the size of the ore discharge opening, when the size of the ore discharge opening is unreasonable, it will also constitute the fracture defect of the movable jaw.

6. The feeding method is unreasonable, which makes the material fall in and increases the impact pressure on the movable jaw.


After the jaw crusher liner is broken, the equipment will not be able to run normally, how to deal with it?


1. Change the quality of the jaw.

2. replace the new jaw with a new elbow plate and elbow pad parts.

3. After replacing the new jaw, adjust the position and articulation of the migraine shaft, bearing, tightening bushing, and moving the jaw.

4. replace the new tie rod spring or adjust the tension of the tie rod spring. Adjust the size of the ore discharge opening.

5. The jaw crusher should ensure that the material is fed evenly and smoothly, and reduce the impulse force of the moving jaw due to the self-gravity of the material falling freely in the task.


Jaw crusher liner plate wear at the early stage, the tooth plate can be turned around and used, or the upper and lower two pieces are turned around and used. The wear of the jaw plate is mostly in the middle and lower part, when the tooth height wears off 3/5, it is necessary to replace the new liner plate. When the two side liners are worn out by 2/5, they also need to be replaced by new ones.


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