Sandvik US440I/CS440/S4800 Crusher Parts


We produces a comprehensive range of aftermarket spare parts to suit the Sandvik US440I/CS440/S4800 Crusher Parts.Our parts is including locking bolt, feed hopper, bowl, the adjustment ring, head ball, main frame, socket liner, upper head bushing, counter shaft, counter shaft bushing, main shaft, thrust bearing, counterweight guard, tramp release assembly, the eccentric bushing, eccentric, lower head bushing, head, bowl liner, hydraulic drive adjustment, clamping cylinder, torch ring, feed plate, gear, T-seals, counter shaft box, etc.

Customers can also order the assemblies with great discount, which are main frame assembly, bowl assembly, head assembly, socket assembly, eccentric assembly, counterweight assembly, gear assembly, adjustment ring assembly, counter shaft assembly, etc.

Sandvik US440I/CS440/S4800 Crusher Parts Include

Sandvik US440I/CS440/S4800 Crusher Parts
442.8794-01BTMSHELL SIDE LINER S4000US440I/CS440/S4800
442.8796-01BTMSHELL SIDE LINER S4000US440I/CS440/S4800
442.8797-01BTMSHELL SIDE LINER S4000US440I/CS440/S4800
442.8798-01BTMSHELL SIDE LINER S4000US440I/CS440/S4800
442.8795-01BTMSHELL SIDE LINER S4000US440I/CS440/S4800
442.8068-01ECCENTRIC           S4000US440I/CS440/S4800
442.8067-01ECC BUSH 20-25-30-36 S4000US440I/CS440/S4800
442.8092-901MAINSHAFT SLV & DWL S4000US440I/CS440/S4800
442.8063-01HEADCENTER          S4000US440I/CS440/S4800
442.8070-01MANTLE B   M1       S4800US440I/CS440/S4800
442.8070-02MANTLE B   M2       S4800US440I/CS440/S4800
442.8089-01MANTLE A   M1       S4800US440I/CS440/S4800
442.8089-02MANTLE A   M2       S4800US440I/CS440/S4800
442.8059-01TOPSHELL EC2        S4000US440I/CS440/S4800
442.9036-01TOPSHELL LINERUS440I/CS440/S4800
442.8075-01ARM SHEILD ASM S4000US440I/CS440/S4800
442.8077-01FIXING PIN          S4000US440I/CS440/S4800
442.8078-01BUMPER              S4000US440I/CS440/S4800
442.8079-01BUMPER              S4000US440I/CS440/S4800
442.8090-01BRACKET-ADAPTER     S4000US440I/CS440/S4800
442.9164-00SPIDER CAP S4000US440I/CS440/S4800
442.8098-00LWR CONCAVE C   M1  S4800US440I/CS440/S4800
442.8098-90LWR CONCAVE C  M2   S4800US440I/CS440/S4800
442.8114-00LWR CONCAVE EC  M1  S4800US440I/CS440/S4800
442.8114-90LWR CONCAVE EC  M2   S4800US440I/CS440/S4800
452.0273-901LWR CONCAVE MC M1 S4800US440I/CS440/S4800
452.0273-902LWR CONCAVE MC M2  S4800US440I/CS440/S4800
442.8099-00UPR CONCAVE C  M1   S4800US440I/CS440/S4800
442.8099-90UPR CONCAVE C  M2   S4800US440I/CS440/S4800
442.8115-00UPR CONCAVE EC  M1  S4800US440I/CS440/S4800
442.8115-90UPR CONCAVE EC  M2   S4800US440I/CS440/S4800
452.0274-901UPR CONCAVE MC M1 S4800US440I/CS440/S4800
452.0274-902UPR CONCAVE MC M2 S4800US440I/CS440/S4800
442.8105-00FEED HOPPER         S4000US440I/CS440/S4800
442.8645-00HYDRAULIC HOSE GUARD S4000US440I/CS440/S4800
442.1561-01KEY-WOODEN WEDGE    S4000US440I/CS440/S4800


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