Sandvik JM series jaw crusher has a large feed opening for its size and an ideal nip angle, giving smooth material flow, high reduction efficiency, and high capacity. Their simple design conceals many advanced features that give easy operation, simple maintenance, long life, and a low cost per ton.

Every Sandvik jaw crusher is a product of know-how and experience optimized by Finite Element Analysis (FEA). Each model is tested virtually for stress, strain, shock, deformation, thermal loading, vibration, and noise under a wide range of load conditions. The result is exceptional reliability.

Sandvik jaw plates

We can supply wide teeth, corrugated, cheek plate, jaw plate, coarse corrugated, heavy-duty, and sharp-toothed for JM806(CJ408), JM907(CJ409), JM1107, JM1108(CJ411), JM1206, JM1208(CJ412), JM1211(CJ612), JM1312(CJ613), JM1511(CJ615) and JM1513(CJ815) jaw crushers with high quality and low price.

Jaw plates are consumables and require timely periodic replacement, especially with intensive crushing. We sell crushing plates for jaw crushers from special grades of pre-hardened manganese steel (contains from 14% to 22% Mn). This contributes to an increase in their service life and increases the productivity of the equipment.


Supported Models:

ModelFormer nameCapacityFeed openingCSS rangeMax permitted powerTotal weight
t/hmm (inch)mm (inch)kW (hp)kg (lbs)
CJ208 50-260770 x 51030-150557100
(30.3 x 20)(1 1/8 – 6)7515700
CJ209 55-375950 x 56025-175659800
(37 x 22)(1.2-7)9021600
CJ211J1180-4901100 x 70040-2009014600
(43 x 27)(1.6-7.9)12532200
CJ408JM80675-285800 x 55050-180559900
(32 x 22)(2-7)7521800
CJ409JM90785-320895 x 66050-1807514100
(35 x 28)(2-7)10031100
CJ411JM1108150-5651045 x 840100-22511021700
(41 x 33)(3-9)15047800
CJ412JM1208165-7901200 x 830100-27513226600
(47 x 33)(3-11)20058600
CJ612JM1211300-8051200 x 1100125-27516036600
(47 x 43)(5-11)25080700
CJ613JM1312330-9601300 x 1130125-30016041500
(51 x 45)(5-12)25091500
CJ615JM1511385-11851500 x 1070125-30020053000
(59 x 42)(5-12)275116800
CJ815JM1513480-11601500 x 1300150-30020064500
(59 x 51)(6-12)275142200

JM1108 (CJ411)
JM1208 (CJ412)
JM1211 (CJ612)
JM1312 (CJ613)
JM1511 (CJ615)
JM1513 (CJ815)

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