Replacement Trio TC36 Cone Crusher Parts

We can supply Trio TC36 Cone Crusher Parts, our Trio TC36 crusher spare parts, and wear parts are used by crusher operators worldwide and are often specified by many of the world’s most prestigious mining, quarrying, demolition, and recycling operators together with several of the major original equipment manufacturers.

We also stock precision-machined China-manufactured eccentric shafts, labyrinths, spacers, and end covers for TC36 cone crushers.

We Offer the Following TC36 Cone Crusher Parts

Trio TC36 Cone Crusher Parts Catalogue
Part No.Part name
TC360 1000Main component
TC360 1001Spider guard
TC360 1002Main frame
TC360 1003Frame Bushing
TC360 1004Frame pin
TC360 1005Washer
TC360 1006Main Frame Cap
TC360 1007Pin
TC360 1008Shims
TC360 1009Upper Bearing Plate
TC360 1010Lower Bearing Plate
TC360 1011Bushing
TC360 1012Keyway
TC360 1013Washer
TC360 1014Auxiliary welding
TC360 2000Countershaft assembly
TC360 2001Key
TC360 2002Pinion
TC360 2003Wearing Plate
TC360 2004Countershaft bracket
TC360 2005Countershaft bushing
TC360 2006Countershaft guard
TC360 2007Countershaft
TC360 2008Oil Flinger
TC360 2009Washer
TC360 2010Oil collector
TC360 2011Plunger ring
TC360 2012Large taper bushing
TC360 2013Large pulley
TC360 2014Welding pipe
TC360 2015Adjustment pad
TC360 3000Eccentric Assembly
TC360 3001Gear
TC360 3002Eccentric
TC360 3003Main shaft bushing
TC360 3004Gear key
TC360 4000Socket  assembly
TC360 4001Sealing ring
TC360 4002Key
TC360 4003Retaining Ring
TC360 4004Socket liner
TC360 4005Spring
TC360 4006Spring bushing
TC360 4007Socket
TC360 5000Adjustment bushing Assembly
TC360 5001Adjustment bushing
TC360 5010Bowl Assembly
TC360 5011Rubber sealing ring
TC360 5012Press Board
TC360 5013Adjustment Cap
TC360 5023Press Board
TC360 7030Bushing
TC362 1000Head assembly
TC362 1001Damping sleeve
TC362 1002Main shaft
TC362 1003Head
TC362 1004Mantle
TC362 1005Sleeve
TC362 1006Torch ring
TC362 1010Main shaft cap
TC362 2000Bowl Assembly
TC362 2001Bowl
TC362 2002Bowl liner
TC361 2002Bowl liner
TC363 2002Bowl liner
TC363 2040Fill block
TC362 2003U bolt
TC362 2004Lower washer
TC362 2005Rubber washer
TC362 2006Upper washer
TC362 2007Locking washer
TC362 2008Cover Plate
TC362 2009Washer
TC362 2010Washer
TC362 2011Washer
TC362 2012Lock screw
TC362 2013Wedge
TC362 2020Hopper
TC362 2030Receiving cone
TC365 1002Head
TC365 1003Mantle
TC365 1004Sleeve
TC365 1005Torch ring
TC365 1006Main shaft cap
TC365 1008Tapper plate
TC365 2000Bowl Assembly
TC365 2001Bowl
TC365 2002Bowl liner
TC365 2040Fill block
TC366 2002Bowl liner
TC366 2040Fill block
TC366 2041Arcuate plate
TC367 2002Bowl liner
TC367 2040Fill block
TC367 2041Arcuate plate

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