Replacement Trio APS4054 Crusher Parts

We can supply Trio APS4054 Crusher Parts, our Trio APS4054 crusher spare parts, and wear parts are used by crusher operators worldwide and are often specified by many of the world’s most prestigious mining, quarrying, demolition, and recycling operators together with several of the major original equipment manufacturers.

We also stock precision-machined China-manufactured eccentric shafts, labyrinths, spacers, and end covers for APS4054 crushers.

We Offer the Following APS4054 Crusher Parts

Trio APS4054 Crusher Parts
Part No.Part name
APS4054.3-4Wedge Bolt-Curtain Liner (M24x100)
AP4054.2.1-1 DUMMY BAR
AP4054.2.1-2 WEAR PLATE (I)
APS4034_2_1-1WEDGE R/H
APS4034_2_1-2WEDGE L/H
AP4034.2.1-1WEDGE (RH)
AP4034.2.1-2WEDGE (LH)
AP4034.2.1-3BLOW BAR

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