Operation process of cone crusher bowl-shaped shaft tile scraping and grinding

Many of us may have a partial understanding of the crusher, but understanding is not very comprehensive, many people are not unfamiliar with jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, and so on, here mainly to give you the cone crusher, I believe that many people know the cone crusher accessories are only the rolling wall, crushing wall because these two need to be replaced from time to time, so relatively speaking, the contact The following I will tell you about the operation process of cone crusher other accessories – bowl shaped shaft tile scraping and grinding

The bowl-shaped shaft tile of a cone crusher can be divided into upper and lower ring contact belts, the accuracy of which should be treated differently, and we will look at the operation process of the bowl-shaped shaft tile of a cone crusher.

The operation process of upper ring contact belt scraping and researching

New bowl-shaped shaft tile installation, available flexible grinding wheel for counseling scraping, after several grinding contact spots, contact points for manual scraping. The upper ring on the whole point is to be uniform, keep the upper ring contact belt area and the dynamic cone body spherical surface has good contact, every 100 fan-shaped area at least 8-12 points of contact.

The lower ring contact belt scraping operation process

Oil groove below the gentle contact zone, scraping operation should be set up uniform soft point, the point between the concave and convex difference is small, to ensure that the dynamic cone body and bowl-shaped copper tile contact points per inch greater than 1-3 points, do not pay attention to individual high point contact, otherwise, it is easy to lead to cone crusher flying accidents.

Scraping operation to ensure that the dynamic cone body and bowl-shaped copper tile contact points per inch are greater than 3-5 points, and pay attention to the force of uniformity, in case there is a strip of points available scraper cut, in order to make the sphere outside the contact zone to withstand the huge impact of crushing. In order to improve the speed of maintenance, the non-contact area can be polished and scraped with a flexible grinding wheel, and the scraper should be used to pull out the radial stripes to keep the oil flowing smoothly.

After understanding the operation process of cone crusher bowl-shaped shaft tile scraping and grinding, the following tells you more about cone crusher parts.

We know that the cone crusher liner is also known as the mortar wall and crushing wall, these two are the main crushing accessories of the cone machine, through the mutual cooperation of these two types of accessories will be crushed material extrusion, and finally reach the crushing of fine materials, ore these belong to the hard material, so in the use of a certain cycle, accessories will continue to increase its wear and tear, wear is more serious when it needs to be replaced, many users with not long to wear serious When this happens how to do it?

First of all, we need to analyze the reasons to see if the machine itself or the material is too hard, or the quality of the accessories themselves, if the quality of the accessories themselves need to find better quality accessories, choose the production of better quality manufacturers.

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