Nordberg GP300 Cone Crusher Parts


We manufacture an extensive range of aftermarket crusher wear and spare parts to suit the Metso™ Nordberg™ range of GP300 cone crushers.

We have developed an extensive range of manganese to suit the crushing chambers available for each model. Chambers available include:

EF – Extra Fine, F – Fine, M – Medium, C – Coarse, EC – Extra Coarse

Our concaves and mantles are stocked in 14%, 18, and 22% grades of manganese with a chrome content of 2-3%.

We stock a wide range of replacement parts for these machines, including main shafts, heads, bowls, upper and lower head bushes, concave wedges, feed cones, feed plates, mantle nuts, locking bolts, and filters.

All replacement parts to suit Nordberg™ and Cone Crushers are manufactured and fully warranted by us.

Nordberg GP300 Cone Crusher Parts Including:

Part NumberDescriptionCrusher TypeWeight
188320CASE GP300/GP300SGP300118.530
188322CNTRSHFT GP300/GP300SGP30062.500
189223HEAD GP300GP3001,366.300
189276ECCENTRIC BUSHING G2612 25/32/40/50GP30082.000
292721NUT TR300X12-8H GP300/SGP30054.420
292723BRNG GP300/300SGP30014.960
292817PROTECTION PLATE G12GP30058.700
292826CNTRSHFT ASSY GP300/GP300SGP300205.000
295245MAIN SHAFT GP300GP3001,090.170
295251TOP BRNG G2612 25/32/40/50GP30046.070
340082COVER GP300/300SGP300130.000
341053PROTECTION PLATE G12GP30017.000
341327SLIDE RING G2612GP30064.000
341336PROTECTION BUSHING G2612GP30039.000
446421SPACER RING GP300 & GP300S; ST 52-3GP3003.306
446428O-RING GP300/300SGP3000.050
446429O-RING GP300/300SGP3000.070
446430O-RING GP300/300SGP3000.100
446432O-RING GP300/300SGP3000.070
446517O-RING GP300/300SGP3000.020
447394SEAL G2612 ER.447394GP3004.630
447419GUIDE RING G12GP3000.200
487516PLATE LEVYGP3005.150
495365SCREW RMVNG M48X90 G-SERIESGP3002.200
585351LOW FRAME GP300/SGP3004,436.780
585614COVER CASTING GP300GP30059.120
585664COVER GP300 / GP300SGP30067.980
905243FRAME UPR GP300GP3001,997.580
910447SLIP RING GP300GP300218.000
913757PIPE G3310GP3000.300
915114TOOL AND EQUIPMENT G3812, G2612GP30030.200
916188FRAME ASSY UPR GP300GP3002,240.160
916189MAIN SHAFT ASSY GP300GP3002,575.000
925832SHIM SHEETGP3000.200
930039SCREW RETGP3000.100
931612PISTON GP300/300SGP300344.920
931619ECCENTRIC SHAFTGP300250.000
931714FRAME BUSHING GP300/SGP30073.000
933913SUB-FRAME ASSEMBLY GP300/GP300SGP300690.000
938157O-RING GP300/300SGP3000.050
938379THRUST BRNG GP300 & GP300SGP30062.000
942187CNTRL BOX A2020 DCU GP-STDGP3002.200
7002152765SEAL RINGGP3000.000
7002420046ELBOW ADAPTER GG306-NP20-20, (MALE 1 5/GP3000.500
704003814000SCREW SLOT-HEAD ISO1207-M6X50-5.8-A3AGP3000.011
704103068600PLUG DIN906-M12X1,5-ST ZNPHGP3000.010
705302060300ROLLER BRNG DIN5412-NU2220ECPGP3004.900
705303160308ROLLER BRNG 32220 J2GP3004.900
706201083422PRSSR REL VALVE 0532002012 (35BAR),  R9GP3000.300
706202557951TAPERED SLEEVE 4030X95, 029R0095GP3005.600
706300790095CNNCTN 20R6MXSGP3000.710
706300910001PISTON SEAL UN600X550X25 PU 90 SHGP3000.500
706302285600SEAL 270X311,5X18 ER.NRO.900303GP3000.600
814318940300MANTLE FGP300597.580
814390455800CONCAVE FGP300703.850
949618831627DRIVE GEAR PAIR G12 188316+292727GP300157.000
292819-APROTECTION PLATE GP300SGP30040.000
295247-APROTECTION PLATE G12GP30016.000
295247-BPROTECTION PLATE G12GP30016.000
MM0209387V-BELT SPC 2550MMGP3000.000
MM0214322HYDRAULIC PUMP AZPF-10-014RHO30MBGP3005.000
MM0216093SUB-FRAME GP300 / GP300SGP3001,436.800
MM0222708V-BELT PULLEY 450X8 SPC-TL(5050)GP300119.390
MM0230333TAPERED SLEEVE 4030X100GP3000.000
MM0242240MANTLE C/ECGP300625.430
MM0242241CONCAVE ECGP300816.450
MM0251206HYDR HOSE 90JF-12/EN857-2SC-12/JF-16/L80GP3001.160
MM0259738MAIN SHAFT GP300GP3001,082.160
MM0259894HEAD GP300GP3001,373.680
MM0266967ECCENTRIC BUSHING GP300  25/32/40GP30078.800
MM0267450ECCENTRIC SHAFT GP300GP300252.610
MM0269407BRNG GP300/SGP30018.220
MM0301048MAIN SHAFT ASSY GP300GP3002,587.830
MM0304737LOW FRAME GP300/SGP3004,406.820
N02152934HYDRAULIC PUMP P257086KVZA20-32GP30023.500
N02154096OIL COOLER T 1626.065.X009GP30041.000
N02154758BLADE 8400.569.0630GP3003.000
N02445981RETURN FILTER MRH 150 MS1 DB 90 3 XXGP30014.200
N05428749SQUIRR CAGE MOTOR K21R 112M4 4KW/1500 BGP30037.000
N11905094CONCAVE MF/CGP3001,097.750
N11920192MANTLE MF/MGP300753.880
N11920194CONCAVE MF/C LSGP300979.240
N11920195CONCAVE MGP300921.580
N11920196MANTLE C/ECGP300625.430
N11920197CONCAVE ECGP300816.450


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