Is there any relationship between the weight and quality of cone crusher parts or not?

Many mining enterprises will use the crusher to crush the ore, the crusher belongs to durable goods, and usually can be used for a long time, but the crusher casting spare parts are wearing parts, and the price is not cheap, in the face of expensive crusher, each user enterprise will carefully understand it, including what brand, what type of crusher, what specification parameters, what type of crushing For the cone crusher wear parts, what we say most is the quality and what we can learn quickly is the weight.

For crusher wear parts of these two indicators, many people will want to know cone crusher parts’ weight and quality in the end there is no relationship.

When it comes to buying cone crusher wear parts, anyone would like to buy a wear part with a cheap price and good quality. This time we have to learn to judge the quality of cone crusher castings through details.

Today we are going to talk about the relationship between the quality and weight of cone crusher wear parts. Compared with the cone crusher capacity and energy consumption, the quality of the crusher castings may rarely be a concern, but we can see a lot of things through the weight of the worn parts of the cone crusher.

For example, we all know that a cone crusher is made up of different accessories, large and small. It is made up of a crushing wall, molar wall, bearing, frame, shell and so on that make up the cone crusher, and the quality of these cone crusher parts directly affects the service life of the crusher.

So after all is said and done, what is the relationship between the weight of the cone crusher and these in the end? It is very simple, the crusher wear parts weight can see these cone crusher accessories have not cut corners. Let’s say the quality of a worn part is not very heavy, indicating that the cone crusher parts do not use enough material, then its use performance can be imagined.

Therefore, we suggest that when you buy cone crusher parts, you can look at their weight, as well as the crusher parts specifications parameters match the thickness of the standard, the weight of the national standard, etc., the weight of the standard side also indicates that the quality of a certain basis, we have been to international standards for the production of crusher parts, weight quality is passing, is one of the few manufacturers of quality in China, is a lot of crusher manufacturers designated by the manufacturer. We are one of the few quality manufacturers in China, and we are the designated supplier of crusher parts for many crusher manufacturers.


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