Impact crusher plate hammer grate plate wear-resistant accessories repair method

Impact crusher, also called impact crusher, is mainly used in metallurgy, the chemical industry, building materials, hydropower, and other industries. It has the advantages of small size, simple structure, large crushing ratio, and high production capacity.

Under the high intensity and long time working of impact crusher, especially for handling hard materials, some accessories are easy to be worn.


Users of impact crushers should have a certain understanding of common wearing parts such as rotor, plate hammer, impact plate, grate plate repair, and replacement methods.


First of all, let’s talk about the plate hammer, which is generally made of high chromium, high manganese steel, or alloy material. Plate hammer with the rotor rotating at high speed plays a role in striking the material, due to the repeated impact of gravel materials and grinding on the plate hammer wears faster, significantly more than the wear speed of other wear parts.

Crushing equipment plate hammer wear after the traditional repair method can be repaired by replacement and welding. The plate hammer repaired by overlay welding should be used again with attention to the weight on the rotor to maintain balance. The service life of composite alloy plate hammers is more than double that of the same type of product.


Secondly, for the grate plate in the production process of impact crusher is also very easy to produce problems, the grate plate is mostly made of high manganese steel, in the work when the material concentration is too much or the crushing cavity mixed with metal impurities, the grate plate will appear bending deformation of the situation. The repair can be solved by hot straightening, while the worn grate plate can be repaired by overlay welding.


To better improve the production efficiency of the impact crusher, in the selection of impact crusher plate hammer and other accessories, be sure to choose a professional and experienced partner manufacturer, to reduce the cost of wear investment and increase profits.


No matter how wear-resistant accessories also have a use cycle, when the impact break wear parts wear to a certain extent, must be timely processed, in order not to affect the normal operation of the impact break equipment.

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