How to solve the cone crusher rolling molar wall crushing wall loss

The cone crusher is commonly used for secondary, tertiary and even quaternary crushing of materials, although the cone crusher wear parts are made of high manganese steel, but under the high intensity impact, long-term operation will make the parts undergo certain wear and tear, serious wear and tear will require replacement of the parts, we tell you how to solve the cone crusher mortar wall, crushing wall loss method.


The way to deal with the loss of the cone crusher rolling wall, crushing wall.

1. Newly installed rolling mortar wall, cone crushing wall must be fixed tight, installed, and the surface of the machine touch stable.

2. a layer of plastic material can be placed between the liner and the surface of the machine.

3. Each batch of material entering the crusher should be held for sampling, once the nature of the material has changed significantly, the parameters of the crusher should be changed immediately to match the material entering.

4. rolling molar wall, cone crushing wall must be selected with high hardness, wear resistance, strong impact resistance material; choose professional production of mining machinery parts, crusher wear parts production enterprise cooperation, when needed, you can replace the cone rolling molar wall crushing wall loss in mining coarse crushing and cement fine crushing.

5. Replace the accessories with serious loss and choose the cone crusher wear parts with higher hardness and better quality.


The following points should be noted during the operation of the crusher.

1. the crusher should be in normal operation before starting to feed.

2. Crushing materials should be evenly participated in the crushing cavity, and should avoid side feeding or pile feeding to avoid unilateral overload or receiving overload; under normal conditions

3. Under normal conditions, the temperature rise of the bearing should not exceed 35℃, and the maximum temperature should not exceed 70℃, if it exceeds 70℃, the machine should be stopped immediately to find out the cause and eradicate.

4. Before stopping the machine, it should firstly suspend the feeding task and close the motor only after the crushed material is completely discharged from the crushing chamber.

5. When crushing, if the crushing cavity is blocked by the material, the motor should be closed immediately, and the material must be removed before starting again; after the tooth plate is worn out, it can be turned around and used.

Cone crusher wear parts will be replaced at a certain time, different materials and processes to produce the quality of the rolling molar wall crushing wall is not the same, the purchase of rolling molar wall crushing wall must choose a professional manufacturer of crusher wear parts.

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