How to replace and use the liner plate of sand making machine parts

We know that many crushers belong to a kind of sand making machine, sand making machine can be divided into many kinds, such as horizontal hammer sand making machine, vertical shaft hammer sand making machine, impact sand making machine (also known as impact crusher), vertical shaft impact crusher and so on, sand making machine is widely used in smelting, building materials, highways, railroads, mining ore crushing and many other aspects, is commonly used in the crushing of materials with high hardness machinery.

In the following I explain how to replace and use the liner plate of sand making machine parts.

Sand making machine liner plate in the use of a certain period of time after the replacement, otherwise, it will not achieve good results, the following to see about the use of sand making machine accessories wear-resistant liner plate and replacement.

The liner plate is not only used in the ball mill equipment to protect the cylinder, in the crusher cavity of the sand making machine, the same wear-resistant liner plate is installed. The crushing force of sand in the crushing cavity of the sand making machine mainly comes from the friction and impact force, and the sand hits the liner plate with an impact speed of 80m/s. Therefore, the first and foremost task to improve the quality of the sand making machine is the development of wear-resistant liner plate.

Alloy steel class liner material a high carbon medium alloy, medium carbon medium alloy, medium carbon low alloy, low carbon low alloy steel is mainly, the variety is complicated, the standard is different, because of its high toughness, low cost and good wear resistance and suitability and get rapid development.

However, in actual application, due to the low alloy content wear resistance still can not meet the market demand. High chromium cast iron liner plate with high wear resistance and long service life has been recognized by the industry, and its high performance represents the highest level of metal wear resistant material at present.

Sand making machine wear-resistant lining plate replacement method: When the lower lining plate of the cone of the sand making machine is installed, use the adjustment ring of the lower cone to maintain a gap of l.0~2.0mm between the lower lining plate and the cone. After the uppermost liner plate is installed, the compression nut should be installed first, and then the zinc alloy should be cast. Before casting, the cone and the liner should be preheated at 60~80℃, and the gap between the joints of the liner should be plugged with asbestos and clay so that the zinc alloy will not leak out. After pouring the alloy on the liner plate, install the pressing nut and locking plate to make it fixed tightly.

We are a professional manufacturer of sand making machine parts, and making machine liner plates, according to the crushing of different hardness materials, and different elements combined on the performance of the liner plate, we produce different materials of sand making machine liner plates, to cope with the use of different materials, so that the sand making machine in the operation process with the corresponding material liner plate, so that the sand making machine can achieve maximum capacity, as well as the whole machine and wear-resistant parts between the use of the extended cycle.


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