What is the best material for crusher liner plate? How much does the crusher liner cost?

What is the best material for a crusher liner? How much is the price of the crusher liner plate? What material is the most wear-resistant crusher liner? What are the manufacturers of crusher liners? These are the questions that every ore mining company and customers who want to purchase crusher wear parts want to know about. Here we take you to understand the crusher liner material and how to choose the crusher liner.

Crusher wear plate is also often say a liner, hammer head, jaw plate, and other wear parts, different types, and different models of crusher equipment, its wear-resistant style, and specifications size are not the same, so we need to buy and sell according to needs.

Crusher liners are common: side liner, side guard plate, impact liner, groove liner, silo plate, ball mill liner, grinding headliner, trapezoidal liner, discharge grate plate, discharge castor plate, etc.

Crushing equipment with liners are jaw crushers, impact crushers, hammer crushers, third-generation sand-making machines, VSI vertical shaft impact sand-making machines, etc. There are also ball mills as special crushing equipment for mineral processing and also have the use of wear plates. Since the use of wear-resistant plate equipment is so many, then it is used in what position? What role does it play? Is it the same material? These questions speak to the mind of many customers and are also the concern of many customers.

Due to the different equipment liners, the installation position will be different, but generally installed in the equipment body inner wall material processing area, to protect the body. Although the wear plate plays an important role in protecting the crusher body but also has the ability to assist in enhancing production. The casting material of the worn plate is the same as other worn parts of the crusher, such as the hammerhead, plate hammer, jaw plate, etc. Highly efficient wear resistance and impact crushing resistance are very important. It should have enough strength and stiffness to withstand the crushing reaction force, thus most of them are cast steel or cast iron parts, whose main materials are steel, bimetal, composite, hard alloy, etc.

High manganese steel liners commonly used materials are Mn13, and Mn13Cr2. high chromium cast iron liner commonly used materials are: Cr20

Lining plate materials are so many, how do choose them? The price of the liner plate will be high or low depending on the production material, so it should be mainly economical, just like the choice of crusher, according to the customer’s crushing material and feed material. When buying a crusher and its accessories, the strength of the manufacturer, production scale, quality assurance, and after-sales service need to be taken into account.

We are a professional crusher wear parts (including mill wall, crushing wall, liner plate, jaw plate, hammerhead, plate hammer, castor plate, grinding roller, roller skin, and other wear parts) casting manufacturer in China, and our products are divided into high manganese steel, low, medium and high chrome steel, high chrome cast iron and other alloy steel casting products. We have a complete database of molds and drawings, we can produce general mainstream crusher wear-resistant castings, and we can also customize the drawings.

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