Crusher parts sand mold process of casting advantages

Mining machinery equipment belongs to durable goods, but its accessories due to crushing work and long-term exposure to the huge impact of ore crushing and become easy to wear, so many crusher wear-resistant castings manufacturers are looking for better ways to enhance the wear resistance of crusher spare parts, now we commonly crushing machinery parts of the main process are disappearing mold process and sand mold process, disappearing mold process is convenient and easy to operate, sand mold process better wears resistance. Here we explain the casting advantages of sand casting.

A sand casting of crusher wear parts is still very common in China, such as jaw plate, liner plate, rolling molar wall, crushing wall, high chrome plate hammer, etc., because in crusher equipment, as relatively large wear-resistant castings, relatively speaking, the accuracy is not very high, especially such as jaw plate, out of the finished product almost no lathe grinding, crushing wall, rolling molar wall, roller skin and so on only part of the castings need lathe grinding, so especially suitable for sand casting. So it is especially suitable for sand casting, because sand casting jaws, high chrome plate hammer, crushing wall, rolling molar wall, roller skin, etc. These crushing equipment wear parts are more than 20% more durable than other products such as the disappearing mold casting process.

However, vanishing die casting has high dimensional accuracy, small machining allowance, easy dry sand drop, clean-up, and grinding workload is reduced by more than 50%, saving labor costs, so the price of vanishing die casting is relatively low.

Sand casting is one of the casting processes. Sand casting is generally made of a combination of external sand and core. Because of the sand casting molding materials used inexpensive and easy to obtain, easy casting manufacturing, the production of single pieces of castings, batch production and mass production can be adapted, for a long time, has been the basic process of casting production.

At present, internationally, in the production of all castings, 60 to 70% of the castings are produced with sand, and about 70% of them are produced with clay sand.

The main reason is that: sand casting is than other casting methods, is low cost, simple production process, and short production cycle. So like the car engine cylinder block, cylinder head, crankshaft and other castings are produced with clay wet sand process.

When the wet type can not meet the requirements, then consider using clay sand table dry sand type, dry sand type or other sand type. The casting weight of clay wet sand casting can be from a few kilograms until tens of kilograms, while the castings produced by clay dry type can weigh tens of tons.

Because of the above advantages of sand casting, its application in the casting industry is becoming more and more widespread.

We use the vanishing mold process and sand mold process, choose different processes according to customer’s demand, strictly monitor the ratio of each element, and raise the quality to a higher grade. We specialize in producing all kinds of crusher jaw plates, liner plates, rolling molar walls, crushing walls, hammer heads, plate hammers, etc. If you have any demand, please consult us now.

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