Cost saving: how to maintain the jaw plate of jaw crusher

The jaw plate is the main spare part of the jaw crusher, which is divided into a movable jaw plate and a static jaw plate. According to different models of jaw crushers, the size of the jaw plate is also different.

When the jaw crusher is working, the movable jaw and the fixed jaw are subjected to huge material impact and friction, which wears quickly. It is easy to increase the wear cost of a jaw crusher operation.

So how do maintain the movable and fixed jaw plates when the crushing equipment is running, so that they do not wear too fast?

First, what are the aspects of the wear of the movable jaw plate?

1 The contact between the jaw plate and the machine surface is not smooth; the eccentric shaft speed is too fast, and the already crushed material is too late to be excluded, which leads to the blockage of the crushing chamber and jaw plate wear.

2 The nature of the material has changed, but the crusher did not make timely adjustments.

3 The angle between the movable jaw and fixed jaw is too large, exceeding the normal range; the strength and wear resistance of the jaw is not good.

Second, the solution to jaw plate wear of jaw crusher.

1 Newly installed jaws must be fixed tightly, installed well, and the surface of the machine contact smoothly. You can put a layer of plastic material between the jaw plate and the surface of the machine.

2 Each batch of material entering the crusher should be randomly checked, and once the nature of the material has changed significantly, the parameters of the crusher should be changed in time to match the material entering.

3 The jaws must be made of high hardness, wear-resistant, and impact-resistant materials; cement companies with mining crushing lines can interchange the same type of worn jaws for mining coarse crushing and cement fine crushing; the worn jaws can be repaired by overlay welding.

In general, since they are wearing parts, they have a certain life cycle. But as long as you maintain it well, you can extend the service life of jaw plate and increase the output.

At the same time, when buying and selling dynamic jaw plates, you should find the most suitable one from professional manufacturers according to your working condition, instead of just pursuing a low price, otherwise, it may affect the long-term profit.

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