Cone crusher parts replacement method

Every crusher equipment in mining machinery will have wear and tear of wearing parts, among which the parts of cone crusher’s wearing parts are fixed cone, moving cone, bowl bearing, copper sleeve, etc. However, the cone crusher is the secondary crusher equipment in the crushing production line, which can crush super hard materials with hardness above 250Mpa, so it needs to pay attention to the wear and tear of the cone crusher, generally, the cone crusher wears too fast, if not The general cone crusher wears too fast, if not checked in time will lead to machine failure.

Our topic today is how to replace cone crusher parts.

First: cone crushing wall replacement method: cone crushing wall and cone body are fixed together with zinc alloy, so for newly installed or newly replaced cone crushing wall, should check the fastening situation after it has been working for 6-8 hours to make sure to go fastening and reliable.

Second: gear meshing, the circular plate is worn out due to friction during the work of the cone crusher, which directly affects the gear gap to a certain extent, adding shims on the bottom cover can ensure the normal meshing of the gears, and the thickness of the shims should be added according to the specific degree of wear.

Third: the installation method of the bearing and sealing device, in the installation of the bowl-shaped approach, must be carefully installed, do not let the wire rope to the oil retaining ring touch wrong. When assembling, scraping, and researching the support spherical surface, should ensure a certain clearance.

Fourth: as the third transition fits the cylindrical bushing and frame, the upper groove of the bushing is injected with zinc alloy, it will be good to avoid the rotation of the bushing when replacing the new bushing, it should be formulated by the actual size of the frame so that it can operate normally.

Fifth: When replacing the cone bushing of the cone crusher, it should be fitted to check the size and correct the incorrect place in time, and the spare parts should be manufactured according to the actual size of the inner diameter of the eccentric bushing to keep the original tacit degree.

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