Cone crusher parts adjustment ring jumping problem processing method

Cone crusher is commonly used in mining ore mining crushing equipment, cone crusher is widely used in metallurgy, construction, mining, and other industries, cone crusher is crushing machinery and equipment is often used for secondary or tertiary, quaternary crushing, the following to say is the cone machine accessories, hydraulic cone crusher, compound cone crusher, spring cone crusher various wearing parts are collectively known as cone crusher accessories.

The structure of the cone crusher is mainly composed of a frame, horizontal shaft, moving cone, balance wheel, eccentric sleeve, upper rolling molar wall (fixed cone liner), lower crushing wall (moving cone liner), etc. Below we will tell you the problems and solutions for cone crusher parts adjusting ring.

Cone crusher adjusting ring jumping processing method

If the cone crusher adjusting ring has a jumping phenomenon, it will affect the normal crushing work of the equipment, this article mainly introduces how to prevent the jumping of the cone crusher adjusting ring.

Correct Feeding

  1. If you put too much material into the cone crusher, it will cause insufficient locking force of the cone crusher, which will make the adjusting ring jump. Therefore, the feeding size should be strictly controlled, and ores that do not meet the requirements of the cone crusher for crushing materials should be prohibited from entering the crushing cavity.
  2. If the cone crusher is fed unevenly, it will cause the equipment to be stressed evenly, thus causing the adjusting ring to jump, so it should be fed evenly in production.

Do a good inspection of the equipment

  1. The adjusting cap is not tightened when it is locked, so it should be checked in all aspects before the cone crusher is started, and it should be tightened in time to ensure the efficient operation of the cone crusher.
  2.  Causes the cone crusher adjustment sleeve loosening and improper ore discharge, or rolling mortar wall and crushing wall is too thick. Therefore, production should do a good job of equipment maintenance and overhaul, pay attention to check the production of equipment, and find faults to identify the causes and solve them in time.

Reduce the wear of parts

  1. The locking bolt of the cone crusher plays the role of fixing the equipment, when the locking bolt is worn, it is easy to cause the jumping of the adjusting ring. Therefore, in production, the wear of the locking bolt should be reduced as much as possible.
  2. If the threads of the adjusting ring and locking ring of the cone crusher are worn seriously, it will also cause the jumping of the adjusting ring. Therefore, the wear of the threads should be reduced in production to ensure a reasonable gap between the adjusting ring and the locking ring.

When it comes to the wear of accessories, we know that the cone crusher mainly relies on the liner, that is, the crushing wall and the crushing wall with the crushing work, the crushing wall and the crushing wall to squeeze and crush the material, so the wear of the cone machine, a large part is the wear of the crushing wall and crushing wall accessories, it often has to squeeze, the impact of the material so wear is relatively faster than other accessories wear, so how to reduce wear it The first is to often maintain maintenance, the second is to pay attention to the wear and tear of the accessories at work, the third is to choose the production of accessories better quality manufacturers.

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