Cone crusher clogging discharge is not smooth processing method

In general, the cone crusher can operate normally, but occasionally there will be some small conditions, such as in the process of operation, sometimes there is a blockage of the discharge is not smooth, cone crusher discharge is blocked and affect the whole crushing process, what is the cause of this? How to deal with the situation of cone crusher blockage?

We tell you the reasons for the blockage of the cone crusher and how to deal with it.

As an important position of the cone crusher, the discharge opening plays a similar role. In the process of using the crusher, the discharge opening is blocked is also a common thing. What exactly are the causes of cone crusher clogging discharge is not smooth?

1 The speed of discharge is too slow or the discharge port is blocked
In the production process of the cone crusher, the speed of discharging material is too slow or the discharge port is blocked may make the cone crusher row appear blocked material so that a large amount of material is blocked in the crushing chamber so that the crusher can not stop.

2 Conveyor belt loosening
The production process of the cone crusher relies on the triangle belt to transmit the power to the grooved wheel and then crush the stone. When the triangle drive belt is loose, the belt will rotate with the grooved wheel instead of driving the grooved wheel, and then a large amount of material in the crushing chamber can not be crushed, and then blocked in the crushing chamber, can not be discharged, forming a plugging material.

3 Loose eccentric shaft tightening bushing
The eccentric shaft of the cone crusher is an important part of the crushing chamber, which needs to rotate continuously to make the crushing parts play a crushing role. However, when the eccentric shaft tightening bushing is loose, it will make the eccentric shaft stuck and can’t rotate anymore, so the crusher can’t work naturally, and then the material blocking phenomenon will occur.

4 The voltage supplied is too low
The motor of the cone crusher needs a certain voltage to work normally, if the voltage is too low, even if the motor can turn it, but the power generated is not enough to crush the stone in the crushing cavity, so there will be a lot of stone in the crushing cavity blockage, forming a blockage.

In the operation of cone crusher, sometimes because of improper human operation, or cone crusher accessories wear serious, or even missing blocks lead to the normal operation of the machine, so the home page we should exclude human factors, the correct use of cone crusher, pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance, and pay attention to the use of crusher wear parts, to see the degree of wear is not serious, whether to replace, in the replacement parts should choose parts of good quality, good after-sales service crusher wear parts manufacturers. The crusher wear parts manufacturer with good quality and after-sales service should be chosen to cooperate.

We have been committed to continuously improving the wear resistance of accessories, in order to achieve maximum wear resistance, so that customers can enjoy good service while using better quality crusher parts so that customers can use peace of mind.

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